Reimagine the Future of Web3 Funding with Unimaxpad

3 min readJan 11, 2022

We promised a detailed update on everything we’re working on. All this time, we’ve been working quietly behind the scenes to cook up an exciting and impactful platform that can completely redefine the way Web3 funding and innovation happens.

You may think that’s a tall promise, but by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know exactly why we’re so thrilled to unveil the result of our tireless efforts. Perhaps you’ll even join in on the excitement and become part of our growing community.

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

A Broken System that Predates Even the Internet

How does innovation happen? Here’s a simple distillation. When those with the passion, expertise and the courage to venture into unchartered territories meet those daring to take a bet on them by funding their uncertain journey — that’s when true innovation happens, with its ripples reaching far and wide.

That simple formula is how we got some of the greatest innovations of our time and that of our predecessors. At the same time, however, the way this formula plays out in the real is, well, broken. To say the least.

The Economy of Trust

We expect that innovation formula to work like a coin, with creators being the one side and their backers being the other. But in reality, a wide variety of characters enter the equation and spoil the whole thing. All someone needs to enter the conversation is words. And as they say, words are like the wind, fickle and fleeting.

This is why we’re living in a trust economy. Billion-dollar businesses like Uber, Airbnb, and even premium brands like Apple are shaving off hundreds of billions of dollars from transactions by bringing some much-needed trust.

This same lack of trust is what brings dishonest characters to every “gold rush”, whether we talk about the Dotcom Boom or today’s decentralized finance revolution.

When anyone can make any claim and act without scrutiny, we get the exact chaotic concoction that the Wild West of Web3 we have today. Rug pulls are nothing out of the ordinary, whereas flawed financials and marketing plans are part of the ordinary.

This is why we keep seeing the number of funds lost to hackers, scammers, and overall incompetent creators skyrocket with each passing year.

Bringing Trust into the “Trustless” Economy

One of the hallmark selling points of the blockchain revolution is the trustless aspect. However, that’s limited to the technical execution of a transaction. As far as the actual exchange of value is concerned, there’s a great deal of trust involved — often more than traditional finance as most people prefer anonymity in this space.

This is where Unimaxpad comes in. We’re trying to bridge this gap between creators and funders by offering a transparent and vetted environment where promises are backed by substance.

For investors, this means that they can:

● Invest without worrying about the legitimacy of a project and its creators

● Access attractive deals that were previously limited to insiders only

● Secure guaranteed allocation based on a tiered system

● Make the earliest entry into a project before it’s unveiled to the rest of the world

● And fund some of the most promising Web3 projects that could potentially change the trajectory and mainstream image of this sector

Creators, on the other, get to:

● Forget about largescale and expensive marketing campaigns by tapping into our existing network of passionate investors

● Forget about chasing VCs and other private investors that could force their project towards an unwanted direction

● Unlock access to crucial early-stage capital that’s often the catalyst that triggers success

● And ultimately, focus exclusively on creating amazing technologies and products that the world sorely needs

So if you’d like to join us on this journey to creating a truly trustless Web3, be sure to explore the following links and stay tuned for the pre-sale:

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