4 min readMar 26, 2022

Web 3.0 ecosystem will be driving the new wave of Internet with incontrovertible benefits in Gaming, Media, Storage, Security etc. Blockchain with the integration of Web 3.0, has enabled platforms and services to go decentralized. Over the next decade, Machines will grow Smarter & Less Tangible with the added Support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT).

Web 3.0 will enable billions of people to have a personalized and tailored browsing experience apart from the decentralized benefits. This rich experience empowers each individual to have full control over their data and hence integrating the Internet exponentially in our daily lives. But this is only possible by deploying a myriad number of enablers that involves incubating and supporting innovative projects & dApps.

To bring things more into perspective, Unimaxpad is one such driving force. Unimaxpad is a Launchpad that incubates High Potential Web 3.0 Projects. Every project is handpicked and meticulously vetted with guaranteed allocation for Stakers and Holders. Unimaxpad not only acts as launchpad, but also offers a complete bouquet of services that any startup project needs. This includes:

Marketing/ Branding support — UMAX team has industry experts who have led Marketing divisions of Big Corporations

Legal — The legal team of UMAX can help in all aspects of contracting, KYC, Documentation and counter-specific regulations

Development — The devs of UMAX can help project in all aspects such as Testing, Deployment, Migration, etc.

Fundraising — UMAX has good connections with KOLs and influencers in the industry who can invest in the project

Multi-Chain — UMAX can help the project to launch on any EVM-compatible chain. The Non-EVM chains will also be added based upon the requirement

Team — The core team of UMAX have prior experience in the Blockchain Industry, so they can understand the project’s requirements better


A. Launchpad –

  1. Incubates & Supports High Potential projects to launch through the platform

2. Enables UMAX Stakers & Holders to secure allocation in Private & Public Sales of Web 3.0 project being launched on the Platform

B. Staking & Farming –

  1. Aside from allocations, $UMAX Stakers will be rewarded with high APY

2. Active Stakers will automatically be eligible to receive $UMAX rewards, post successful governance and IDO events

C. Liquidity Mining –

  1. Unimaxpad shall provide sufficient liquidity on DEX after the Public Sale. However, we will be launching our LP mining program to have justifiable trading volume while rewarding our liquidity providers in $UMAX tokens

D. Platform Fees –

  1. Offers optimized & sustainable suite of DeFi applications for teams and communities with a fee paid in UMAX tokens

Road Map


Our Tokenomics have carefully been designed to create a Self-Sustainable Mode. $UMAX Holders gain rewards through staking, IDO Participation, Farming, Governance and much more. This design will attract new investors who can support us in incubating Potential Web 3.0 Projects.

Token Supply Percentage Wise

Token Price

Pre Seed Round : $0.025

Seed Round : $0.05

Private A Round : $0.06

Strategic Sale Round : $0.07

Private B Round :$0.08

Private C Round : $0.09

Public IDO & Community Round : $0.1

Vesting Schedule

Additional Details –

Initial Market Capitalization: $190K

Listing Price: $0.1 Per $UMAX Token

Want more GREAT NEWS!!!!

Checkout the new redesigned Website here. dApp, Staking, Farming, Governance and much more coming in. We are pretty excited about our launch and really appreciate the love and support shown so far. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.


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