Here’s What You Need to Know about Pre-Sales and IDOs

3 min readJan 13, 2022

Most projects follow the path of offering pre-sale and then initial decentralized exchange offering. This helps minimize their personal risk by verifying the validity of their concept and the overall viability of their idea. And let’s not forget about the difference some seed funding can make.

So for project creators and blockchain innovators, pre-sales and IDOs are often a no-brainer. But as an investor, what does it mean for you? Why should you invest at this unproven stage of their journey?

To figure out the answers to those questions and more, let’s explore the pros and cons of these early-stage investment opportunities, and an attractive alternative that can offer you the best of both worlds.

The Pros of Early-Stage Investments in Web3

The biggest advantage of investing in early-stage opportunities is undoubtedly the discounted pricing. The sooner you make an entry into a project or asset, the lower your entrance will cost. This is a simple matter of supply and demand, as projects getting off the ground don’t have the marketing muscles to pull off steep price tags from day one.

Considering how crucial some seed funding is, even in the decentralized finance world, most creators are more than happy to reward their early backers with discounted pricing. Private and pre-sales offer some of the most attractive entry markers as these are the earliest form of fundraising. Whereas IDOs are the next big opportunity in line.

Investing in these early-stage projects could be the difference between their survival or early demise. So if you care about the pace of innovation and want to make a meaningful difference with your investments, these early opportunities will deliver the highest dose of meaningful returns — both financially and sentimentally.

Cons of Early-Stage Investments in Web3

Unfortunately, that downtrend in pricing is accompanied by a massive uptick in risk. Since anyone can put together some slides, promising the moon and beyond, while backing their claims with little in terms of evidence, the margin for exploitation is too high.

Decentralized finance is called the Wild West for a reason. With zero regulatory authorities, untraceable creators, and a complete lack of irreversibility in case of fraud, it should come as no surprise that this space is plagued by dishonest characters.

Most newcomers don’t have the expertise to analyze the projects on their own and uncover the good projects in a sea of not-so-good projects. As a result, we’re seeing a sharp increase in rug pulls, scams, and hacks with each passing year.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Unimaxpad

What if you could enjoy the perks of early-stage investments without triggering a steep increase in your risk profile? How about lowering your risk substantially?

If that sounds like a no-brainer, then that’s exactly why we’ve been working nonstop to bring Unimaxpad to the world.

By leveraging our team’s expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds, ranging from blockchain and technology to finance and marketing, we’ve created a rigorous vetting process that’s as foolproof as it possibly gets.

We only present some of the most exciting and promising projects to the members of our launchpad. Most of these opportunities were previously reserved for inner circles of this space that newcomers weren’t privy to participate in. So in that sense, our membership is your VIP pass into some of the most sought-after circles of Web3.

Last but surely not least, we reserve a guaranteed allocation for our members in these hidden gems of the Web3 world. So with Unimaxpad, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

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